Green Infrastructure Corridors

What is this all about?

We want to discuss a new Strategic Green Infrastructure (GI) Network, which would be safeguarded as part of the new Local Plan.

Strategic Green Infrastructure when planned effectively can create a network of sustainable natural and semi natural landscapes and habitat areas, which includeheritage features, walking and cycle routes, areas for recreation and leisure, green spaces, rivers and other water bodies. These can connect villages, towns and urban areas within South Gloucestershire and link to adjoining areas.

We want to share where in South Gloucestershire we think the Strategic GI Network should be and the nine strategic corridors which make up the network.

Each of the nine Green Infrastructure corridors that make up the network have unique functions and individual assets within them.

The intention is that the strategic network will be defined on the policies map and development within or near to it managed by new planning policies, strategies and plans for protecting the integrity of each GI corridors.. Development on or near the Strategic Corridor will also be expected to enhance the green links, habitats, landscapes and green assets within them

Protection of designated sites and important GI assets lying outside the corridors will remain.

You can read more about the topic of the Strategic Green Infrastructure Network and our proposals to designate it in our Phase 2 Local Plan consultation here.

You can also read the methodology, information and approach taken to map the GI network, in our ‘Strategic GI Corridor Mapping Project’.

  • This can be viewed on the new Local Plan evidence base page by clicking here
  • Go to the ‘Green Infrastructure – February 2022 Update’ section to read the background study and information

What does the map show?

The map shows the 9 Green Infrastructure Corridors proposed to be safeguarded as part of the new Local Plan.

To the left of the map there is a colour coded key of the corridor names which correspond with the outlines of the corridors on the map.

You can click each corridor on the map and comment on it or the entire network.

How do I get started?

Click on the map below to get started.

You can click on any of the 9 Green Infrastructure Corridors on the map This will display the corridors description. The map view can also be changed by clicking on the ‘Change map view’ button.

You can then comment on our proposal to designate the Strategic Green Infrastructure Network or any of the individual corridors by clicking on the corridors in the map. And then clicking the green ‘Have your say’ button which appears under each corridor description.